About me

Hi! 😂👋 Great to see you here 😀 I hope you will find this website useful 😀  I enjoy creating databases and sharing them with others 😀 I also enjoy being as data-driven as possible and helping others to be as data-driven as possible 😀

A few words about me: I’m a performance-driven and entrepreneurial business development/project management professional. People say I have a cheerful and friendly attitude 😂 

I currently work remotely as an Enterprise Customer Success Manager 😀 Prior to this, I spent 10+ years in marketing, sales, and operations at consulting companies, retail, and IT companies, focused on business development, brand building, and department “not going crazy with multitasking” 😂 I still don’t know if I managed to do it 😂

I’ll be happy to connect on LinkedIn and Twitter 😀

Have a great day! 😀

Lukasz Schab